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Demystifying Silicone and 3D Prosthetic Transfers

This workshop was developed in response to requests from many people, mostly from makeup artists eager to learn about simple silicone prosthetic appliance casting and application, and making and applying 3D Pros-Aide Transfers. The workshop will be taught by Todd Debreceni, author of Special Makeup Effects for Stage and Screen Making and Applying Prosthetics. The workshop is designed for a maximum of 10 students.


The goal for the day is to demystify silicone and expose it for the user-friendly material it can easily be, and to demonstrate the versatility of Pros-Aide as more than simply one of the best prosthetic adhesives on the market.


The day will begin with a discussion about silicone and a demonstration of the types of silicone available and the specific properties and idiosyncrasies of each silicone. Then a discussion and demonstration of Pros-Aide 3D 'bondo' appliance transfers made famous by Oscar winner Christien Tinsley, and fast becoming an industry standard.


The second part of the day will be casting, coloring and applying silicone appliances and Pros-Aide transfers. Using both small and medium appliances, students will focus on:

  • Different adhesives

  • Coloring

  • Blending techniques for translucent prosthetics

  • Application techniques

  • Removal of prosthetic appliances


You will be supplied with printed notes of all the information covered for reference, and participants will practice on each other, though students may request a model for an additional charge.


We will supply all the materials - silicone and Pros-Aide 'bondo' for appliances, molds, adhesives, removers, etc. and basic tools for you to participate fully in the workshop. You are welcome to bring you own makeup kit, however; the brushes that will be supplied will be very basic, so it is recommended that you bring your own.


This workshop is intended for artists with at least some makeup effects experience and wish to expand their capabilities.


8 Hours

Maximum of 10 participants

$400 US (includes $100 materials fee)

$200 US (attend only; no hands-on participation)


Date and location TBD.

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