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The Monsterpalooza 2018 Trailer Chat

After the madness of Monsterpalooza 2018, we had the chance to grab the gang for a wind down chat to debrief about the trip and talk about what we got up to.

It was a fun time, and I hope the warmth of a truly magical few days comes across, as Stuart and I were truly humbled at the non-stop kindness and generosity we were liberally soaked with. Mike and Eryn Mekash, we can't thank you enough! And getting to spend time and hang with Sam Shuck and Adrian Rigby was a real gift.

Clockwise from bottom: Stuart, Sam, Adrian, Eryn and Todd

Adrian and Stu met in 1995 when they both traveled to LA from the UK to take a look at the FX scene and see how it worked at the start of what was the beginning of their illustrious careers. Now 23 years later, they're part of the biz and their story needs it’s own post; there are some great stories - they spent the day at Optic Nerve studios, on the set of Babylon 5 watching an episode shoot, and seeing the makeup touch ups happening with Greg Funk and Fionagh Cush working their magic. What a great time that must've been!

Anyhow, I had this cool banner made up to celebrate, and Stuart and I are excited to share the podcast with you. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did recording it! Thanks, Stuart for putting it all together. You're the best!

Click below to stream or download the file. You can subscribe to our podcast, Battles With Bits Of Rubber on iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud and pretty much all podcast apps or platforms.

If you want to get in touch with us directly, email us at and/or take a look at our Facebook page.

Until next time, keep it bloody!

Stuart & Todd

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